First Design Appointment

5-10 Business days from contract

  • Finalize structural options
  • Select exterior colors
  • Send plan order to architect

Preferred Lender

  • Get Pre-qualified
  • 3-10 Days



5-10 Business days

  • Architect draws up plans


Second Design Appointment

2-5 Business days after first appt:

  • Make interior selections
  • Finalize options sheet
  • Options deposit required



5-20 Business days

  • Plans are sent to architect review committee if required by community
    (Varies by community: 2-4 weeks)


  • Plans are sent to engineering
    (5 Buisness days)


Final Drawing

2-5 Business days

  • Plans are sent back to architect for final plan drawing


Plans Submittal

15-20 Business days

  • Plans are submitted to the city for permit approval.


Pre-Construction Meeting

5-10 Business days of Permit Approval

  • Once city approves permit, Construction Manager is assigned.
  • Precon meeting is set up by sales agent



100+ Business Days

  • Average build time is 100 business days

From the very first meeting until the day you move in, EDGEhomes is dedicated to making this process as easy and smooth for you and your family as possible. Each step has been refined and molded to enable you to have an enjoyable experience while preparing for, building, and moving into your new home. The first step is to meet for your first design appointment. Here we will sit down to select structural options and exterior colors. We will then send the order to the architect. It is at this phase where we will also go over helping you get pre-qualified by your preferred lender.

The architect will then draw up the plans for your new home. This is where the fun starts to happen, because you get to see the floor plans of your soon-to-be home, and it only gets better from this point. We’ll meet again for a second design appointment to go over interior choices and to finalize on the options sheet. The options deposit is also required at this point. Please let us know if you have any questions at all throughout any of the process.

The plans are then either sent to an architect review committee, if required, or to the engineering team. After that, the architect finishes up the final plan drawing and it is then submitted to the city for approval. Once everything is approved, a construction manager is assigned and a pre-construction meeting is set up. It is then time to start building your home! This is the stage where you sit back and watch your dream home become a reality. We invite you to drive by and keep tabs on how your beautiful new home is coming along. After this, it’s move in day where you and your family begin a new chapter in your lives.