DATE: June 15, 2023

At EDGEhomes, we value our residents and their well-being in the Sky Ridge community. We would like to address the recent letters sent from the Sky Ridge Homeowners Association Board to Sky Ridge Homeowners.

 We first address the Board’s information regarding the extent of repairs needed to the rock retaining walls. The HOA previously engaged two independent geotechnical engineering firms, CMT Technical Services (“CMT”) and Intermountain Geo-Environmental Services, Inc. (“IGES”) to inspect the retaining walls. Both firms concluded that the structural integrity of the retaining walls remains intact, with a few recommendations for repair and maintenance. The bid from MD for the recommended repairs and maintenance is approximately $62,000.

The report from IGES was issued in March 2022, and provided several remedies and maintenance recommendations that, to our knowledge, have not been implemented. 

Further, when Comcast installed underground internet lines near the retaining walls, the ground was not remediated after it was disturbed. This may have exacerbated the erosion problems.

Finally, we urge Sky Ridge Homeowners to review the written reports from CMT and IGES (linked below) and continue attending Board meetings to inquire about the necessity of a scope of work that is substantially more extensive and expensive than what expert consultants have recommended. The Board intends to impose a special assessment of $220,800 ($960 X 230 households), even though a special assessment can be avoided by using funds in the HOA’s reserve account. As the Board members consider the scope of work to be performed, the recommendations from CMT and IGES should guide their decisions.

We share the HOA Board members’ focus on ensuring the safety of homeowners and property and believe that this remediation could be a collaborative effort. We remain committed to meeting with the HOA Board members to help determine an appropriate solution.

CMT Technical Services Report

March 14, 2023

GeoEnvironmental Services, Inc. Report

March 29, 2022