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Sep 20

See The Home Buying Process Clearly

Hi I’m Kellie Little. I’m the Director of Marketing at EDGEhomes

And this year were talking about Seeing Clearly.
The Home Buying process can be overwhelming there’s so much information.  And we have home buyers that come in they do research, they spend so much time on the internet, but what we do is we bring all that information together and we help you see it clearly and we simplify the home buying process.
At EDGEhomes we want you to have a great home buying experience and we help you do that from start to finish. So tag along this week were going to have some really good insight from the experts at EDGEhomes and they’ll help you see the home buying process more clearly
and help you have a great experience while your doing so.  We’ll see ya soon at www.EDGEhomes.com

* DISCLAIMER: The figures shown represent monthly principal & interest payments only. Monthly taxes, home owners insurance, and Mortgage Insurance are not included in this amount. These figures are based on a Conventional mortgage loan with a 5% down payment and are based on a 700 credit score. These are estimates only and not guaranteed payment amounts.

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