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Sep 20

Prairie Elevations with Jed Stewart – VP of Sales and Marketing

Hi my name’s Jed Stewart and I’m the VP of Sales and Marketing here at EDGEhomes. And today were here to talk about our latest creation – our Prairie Elevations. Prairie elevations are our most recent attempt to deliver our contemporary feel to the outside of our homes that you already love and also to create diversity in our community so we can have homes that are maybe the same floorpan but look drastically different when you look at them compared side by side. People love these contemporary elevations. Even though they are a fan of the craftsman or the look we’ve been doing for a long time. This is were the market is heading in the latest evolution in product. We have 12 of these available now in our most popular floorpans but more are coming everyday. If you go to our website www.edgehomes.com you can see what these Prairie Elevations are all about and stayed tuned because more are coming all the time

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