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Aug 17

Nate’s Corner: What to Know about Your Warranty

Building of one of our EDGEhomes is a rather complicated process.  In fact, at the end of it, we will have assembled over 10,000 parts and pieces in an outdoor environment chalked full of nature’s uncontrollable surprises.  However, because we’ve got you covered, we will provide you with a new EDGEhomes Warranty in the event something has not been done quite right.  If issues do arise, they almost always surface in the first year. However, some structural issues may not manifest themselves until year two.  For these reasons, we provide a two year structural warranty and a one year warranty on everything else.

Because many of the materials used in your new home are organic, some variations are normal and do not affect the performance of your new home.  Here are some insights on a few key materials:

Concrete: As concrete dries, some cracking is inevitable.  Generally, this will not have any effect on the homes performance.  However, cracks greater than ¼ inch—or that allow water to leak into the basement—need attention.  Contact our Customer Service Department if these occur.

Appliances: All appliances come with a manufacture’s warranty. Contact the manufacture (or our Customer Service Department) if a problem occurs.

Landscaping: Landscaping is subject to many conditions and often needs time to really take hold.  Giving it adequate time to mature is generally the best solution.  EDGEhomes contractors provide a 90-day warranty. However, EDGEhomes does cover under warranty sprinkler systems and plants for a full year.

Paint: Painting is not a perfect process.  A good rule of thumb is this: if paint deficiencies are visible from six feet under normal lighting conditions, then repairs are justified.  In addition, peeling, or excessive splatters, should be addressed.

Drywall: Some drying cracks are to be expected.  If they are excessive, EDGEhomes will come in at the end of the first year and make repairs.  Waiting a full year gives the home time to settle and go through all of the seasons so that any cracking will be finished.  Of course, drywall repairs that come as a result of any structural issues will still be covered after the first year.

Flooring: Floors do move and settle.  Some separation of wood floor joints and tile seams is normal.  Any excessive separation will be repaired, but know that some separation is normal. In addition, carpet seams cannot be hidden – in some types of carpets, the seam is even more apparent.  While bad seams will be fixed, carpet standard do not dictate that seams will be invisible.

But what if you need to submit a Customer Service Request?  EDGEhomes tries to make it as painless as possible. If any service needs should arise, submit a request by going to www.EDGEhomes.com.

1) Select “Menu”

2) Select “Service Request” and fill out the form or go here.

You are also encouraged to attach photos to your service request. Including photos can speed up the process, so send as many as necessary. Submitting a service request through the website allows us to track your request and complete it as quickly as possible.

We hope you are loving your new house from EDGEhomes. Know we have got you covered if anything goes wrong!

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