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Feb 19

Nate’s Corner: Quality

Checkpoints: It’s About Quality

We deeply care about the construction quality of our homes! Each of our homes is individually crafted for our buyers and represents the care, preparation, and individual efforts of all of us: the buyer, agent, designer, and the construction team. We take extra measures throughout the design and build of each home to ensure that the buyer and our team are in control of what the final product will become. Most of those extra measures are implemented in the form of quality control checkpoints, third party inspections, and separate departmental design audits. We’ve put into place a total of 12 key checkpoints to make sure the build process goes smoothly.

We Double-Check Your Decisions Before We Start

Before that detailed construction process begins, the hard work of the designer and the buyer is double-checked. There are 4 key checkpoints where members from the design and construction teams work together to review the individual home designs, selections, and drawings. These checkpoints cover everything from architectural plans to individual buyer selections to final cabinet details. As the designs are finalized, the home progresses through the pre-construction process towards the final pre-construction meeting where Builders and Buyers meet face to face to review the finalized plans and designs for the home that is now ready to begin construction.

Our Checkpoints Assure You Get the Home You Want

When we build a home, our builders, subcontractors, and third party engineers use these checkpoints to ensure the workmanship meets our EDGEhomes standards. These checkpoints cover initial lot survey, excavation observation, structural framing and roofing, exterior wrap and blower door testing, and everything in between! Each double check is perfectly timed to ensure that any corrections needed are completed before the next step in the build process. And while you might think these checkpoints are moderate in number, they are critical and precise in nature.


After Your Home is Built, You Get the Final Sign Off

Once the home is completed there are 2 final checkpoints where builders present the completed home to the buyer in a face-to-face in-home meeting. During this meeting, builders orient buyers with each facet of their new home, including its functions and homeowner maintenance and warranty information. All in all, the build process at EDGEhomes is aimed at ensuring not only the delivery of a predetermined product, but also a great experience with high levels of care and communication.

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