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Sep 23

Nate’s Corner:Builders working with YOU

At EDGEhomes, our builders do everything they possibly can to instill buyer confidence and ease the building process—this way it’s not scary! Below are the main things buyers can expect from their builder during while they build their home:

  1. ​Face-to-Face Pre-construction Meetings
 Before construction even starts, buyers get to meet with their personal builder. This is a great time to get to know your builder, exchange contact info, review all construction documents and selections, and go over any questions or concerns you may have.
  1. Phone Call Fridays
At least weekly, you will be able to directly contact your builder to review schedule, progress, upcoming tasks, as well as any questions. If a question comes up midweek, buyers can use the direct contact information of their builder they were given at their first meeting.
  1. Pre-Drywall Walk
During this walkthrough, the builder and buyers meet on site. You will get to see all the progress and quality of your home. Plus, you will be able to go over everything in your plans and selection—prior to covering and finishing your walls with drywall—to make sure the final touches are exactly what you wanted.
  1. Final Homeowner Orientation Walkthrough.
Once your home is complete, you get to meet with your builder again on site! You will be given all the best tips to properly care for and maintain your home, as well as info on our customer service department (such as and how to submit a customer service question or request for service).

* DISCLAIMER: The figures shown represent monthly principal & interest payments only. Monthly taxes, home owners insurance, and Mortgage Insurance are not included in this amount. These figures are based on a Conventional mortgage loan with a 5% down payment and are based on a 700 credit score. These are estimates only and not guaranteed payment amounts.

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