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Jan 20

How to Avoid Stress During the Building Process

By Kyle Haskell – EDGEhomes Agent

There is a stigma out there related to new construction that building new is stressful. However, I have learned that if a few key items are addressed in the beginning, it will help alleviate a large amount of stress during the process.


The Lot:

The two biggest choices you will make when building a new home will be selecting the floor plan and the lot itself. Take some extra time when deciding on a lot! While most lots look really similar on paper, they can be very different when once you actually visit them. While a majority of people choose to move forward before visiting their lot, make sure you visit yours with your agent beforehand so that he or she can show you where your property corners are located, how the home will sit on the lot, what the eventual grade of the lot will be, and how much backyard space you will have. In addition, take time to understand the progression of the space around your lot. It may have an amazing view now, but understand that changes will occur as the community grows. If your sales agent seems unsure on the details, go to the city and see if they have any knowledge of what the plans are for the surrounding area.



Read through the CC&Rs (Codes, Covenants and Restrictions) for the community you are building in. Because some HOA’s restrict quite heavily (while others do not), it is very important to understand what you can and cannot do in a neighborhood before your decide to buy there. For instance, some communities restrict certain types of pets and vehicle. Another thing to realize us that CC&R’s are not HOA’s. While there may not be an HOA in place for your community, there will likely be CC&Rs in place.

An unfortunate example of what could happen if you don’t read these restrictions occurred last year. I was working with a homebuyer and spent about 15 hours with them, helping them design their home and find the perfect lot—only to find out about a month into the process that the community restricted HAM Radio Antennas. This was his only hobby. Ultimately, he decided against building in the neighborhood because of it. If you choose to take your time to read through your community’s CC&R’s and HOA’s, there won’t be any stressful surprises down the road!



Some people think they will be able to build without doing any upgrades. Here’s a tip: no matter the company you build with, you will want to spend extra money on certain selections. Because you’ll want to upgrade, make sure to factor in upgrade costs to base prices as you look for a home within your budget.

How do you do that? Most builders should be able to provide you with a list of their upgrades and what they will cost upfront. If they won’t do this, sit down with your sales agent and lay out everything you want in the home so that you can get a rough idea of how much you are going to spend.


Build Process:

The biggest stresses that happen during the build process seem to stem from schedule and selections. During the design process on your home, take extra time to review your selections repeatedly before signing off and moving forward. Most problems during the build process occur because something was discussed during the design process, but was never officially decided upon and written down. In consequence, when that thing that wasn’t written down is not done or done incorrectly, the homebuyer is upset. However, the builder is just going off of what was selected and written down. This is why you should take extra time during the design process to make sure everything is written exactly how you want it!

In addition, I encourage you to make every effort you can to visit the home with your builder or sales agent. Not only is it really exciting to visit the home as it is being built, but you can also address any potential issues together and decide how to solve any problems. That being said, I suggest you only visit the home around once a week. If you visit the house more than that, you might not see a lot of obvious progress made on the home. This can cause you to feel frustrated and that the home is not moving along fast enough.

Hopefully, as you take a little extra time in the beginning to review and focus on these issues, it will help reduce the stress of building your new home!

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