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Apr 10

Homebuying Tips with Cameron Powell

Hi there my name is Cameron Powell. As a Director of Sales with EDGEhomes. I wanted to share some tips and tricks that will help you see more clearly as you shop for a new home.

The customers that have the best experience usually start online. They go to EDGEhomes.com were they can review over 50 Floorplans each home is Customizable where you can change room sizes
you can rearrange the bathroom, we even have a feature were you can take you furniture and you can drag and drop it into all of our bedrooms and all other rooms to see how they fit.
We have an idea gallery with hundreds of photos of all the styles and designs and you can see which one fits your taste.
Visit our interative site maps before you visit our communities. There you can see which lots are available how they face and what size.
Armed with all that information I‘d like to invite you to visit 1 of our 9 Model Homes
I have an amazing Sales Team. Each Agent can share pricing for all of our neighborhoods. Ask them for an options sheet were you can see the break down of all of our upgrades, take that home add it up I want it to be very clear and upfront about the pricing. If the home your looking to build is not one that we have as a Model Home were building over 150 currently. We can go out an walk through one.
Home buying is something you don’t do everyday.
We want to make it a great experience. I wish you the best of luck in your search and hope to see you soon.

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