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Apr 15

Homebuying Tips with Wade Savage

I’m Wade with EDGEhomes I’m the Construction Manager out in the field and we are standing in our Morgan Floor Plan.

I wanted to go over a few things what we do as builders to help with the buyers so they can understand the build process a little bit better.

Some of the things we do is meet on sight once a week and go through the home with the buyer so they feel comfortable with the build process. Some buyers may have questions such as: Why does my railing look like this? Or why are you doing this type of framing? It’s to help them understand some of the important things we do here at EDGE.

Buyer interaction with our Builders is extremely important. Some of the things we do is give out our personal phone numbers so you can call us if there is a need that arises also we give out our emails and your welcome to text or email us at any time.

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