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Apr 07

Home Ownership Benefits

Home ownership offers so many benefits. Financial reasons are at the top of the list—but there are others! Here are five of the top reasons to buy new for your first home.

1.  It’s time to stop renting and start buying. You may not know this, but rent payments are now on the rise (and keep increasing). So while you can’t control rent payments, you can control your home payments! Mortgage rates right now are amazing, so you once you lock in a payment for your home, your affordable payment won’t go up.

2.  NEW homes are more energy efficient and quieter than rentals. This is especially great with Townhomes and condos.

3. When you build a home, everything is brand new—and the colors, styles and trends are all included. There are no concerns of having to remodel right away or fix other people’s mistakes. A well built home is within reach and well deserved. I would probably say if you don’t want to spend weekends at the hardware store, then buy a new home instead of an existing home on the market.

4.  Pay yourself instead of your landlord. Instead of sinking money into rent, use it to go towards paying off your own home.  One thing’s guaranteed: renting will never build equity.

5. Statistically, children of homeowners achieve greater academic success. That’s right—along  with other benefits like a new community, new parks and amenities that are desirable—you can live in a neighborhood that isn’t on the decline. This includes money, neighbors and the general community look and feel.

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