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Home Interior Design Ideas (via Pinterest)

Ready to browse home design ideas by room? We’ve got Pinterest boards just for you! Get interior design ideas for:


Below you’ll find inspiration and ideas related to the listed rooms and areas above. Pin any of the images below to your own Pinterest board for easy reference at a later date.


Entry Design Ideas:

Discover beautiful home entry design images that may just spark an idea for you and your new home!


Kitchen Design Ideas:

From countertops to cupboards, get inspired by our design concepts and implement them into your new home design.


Dining Room Design Ideas:

Get ready to love your dining room! With a modern touch and beautiful focal points, you are sure to have a jaw-dropping dining area.


Great Room Design Ideas:

What is a great room without a great design? Fall in love with these modern-inspired interior design concepts for your great room.


Mudroom/Laundry Room Design Ideas:

With a focus on organization and functional design, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want in a mudroom.


Home Office Design Ideas:

Turn your home office into a fresh space that inspires creativity and focus with a design like these…


Bathroom Design Ideas:

Create that elegant look you’ve been dreaming of with interior design concepts like these!


Master Bedroom Design Ideas:

Who doesn’t love a gorgeously designed master bedroom? Invoke a sense of comfort and ease into your master bedroom by implementing a few of these concepts.


Kid Bedroom Design Ideas:

Make the kids’ bedrooms a place of fun and whimsy by implementing a few interior design techniques that allow a kid’s room to be a kid’s room, without destroying the home’s interior design as a whole.


Other Bedroom Design Ideas:

Bring the whole home together with these other bedroom design concepts.


EDGEhomes’ Design Studio

Want a more hands-on approach to home interior design help?

EDGEhomes has a newly constructed, award-winning Design Studio located in Draper, Utah. This Design Studio is a completely unique part of EDGE’s home-buying experience that gives buyers an easy, hands-on design experience. Being able to be inside the studio and see design options up close helps buyers to get a great idea of what their home will look like based on their selections.

In the Design Studio, homeowners meet with a member of the EDGEhomes design team. Each of the designers has extensive experience and knowledge that they bring to the table while meeting with buyers. The designers help homebuyers sort through thousands of design options in order to create a personalized design that fits their family and lifestyle. This hands-on interaction allows EDGEhomes to make the home-designing process all about the homeowner. At the end of the day, the main goal is to build a home that is beautiful and functional at the same time.


Learn Even More About the Design Studio