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The Open Floorplan & Main Floor Living Advantage

Can the importance of main floor living ever be overstated? We don’t think so. However, there are certain tricks to main floor living that will maximize your space and your success that can be forgotten over time. What’s the big trick? Open concept floorplans.

Open floorplans give your living space that extra oomph that every homeowner is looking for without all that extra money they don’t want to spend. An open concept floorplan combines the kitchen and the living room for an “open space” feel. It’s the flow in a house that allows everyone to be together in one space rather than feeling separate like you can in other floorplans. But what really makes open main floor living spaces that impressive? Let’s discuss.

Socializing and Entertaining

One of the biggest advantages to open main floor living is the ability to entertain. While closed plans divide groups into small rooms, an open main floor allows the entire group to mingle in one big space. Forget the outdated ways of your mom cooking in one room while the rest of the party gathers in the living room. Open concept floorplans give you a chance to see the entire party without leaving your kitchen. It also gives your guests open access to food and mingling with the cook.

Keep the Family Together

Another advantage to open concept floorplans is having views of your family throughout your entire main floor living space. Your children are never unattended while you cook, clean, eat, or watch Netflix. Everything is in one space without any walls blocking your views. It’s the best of both worlds all mixed into one.

Natural Light and Better Views

Perhaps something that doesn’t cross home buyers radar is the amount of natural light and incredible views that open concept floorplans give the main floor. Rather than trap the light flowing in from each window, open concept living floods your home with natural light and gives you 360° views. This will also make your home feel a lot bigger than it actually is without crowding your space with strategically placed mirrors and dainty furniture. It’s the advantage that you never knew you needed.

Main Floor Master Bedrooms

Having a master suite on the main floor is also a great way to maximize your living space. While the rest of the floorplan offers open-air living, a master suite gives you the extra security and easy access every house needs. Let the children roam their bedrooms while you keep an eye on them on the main floor. It gives you the privacy you need while keeping you close to the main area of the house. Forget stairs. Forget interruptions. Main floor master bedrooms are exactly what you need to complete your floorplan.

Open Floor Living by EDGEhomes

At EDGEhomes, we pride ourselves in our ability to infuse quality in the plans we draw and in the homes we build. With our open floorplans, custom-styled features, and an abundance of amenities in a broad range of square footages, our floorplans are one of the main reasons people choose to build with us. Check out our open concept floorplans and main living spaces from Utah’s favorite home builder, EDGEhomes.