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Introducing the EDGEhomes Design Studio

Big things are happening around EDGEhomes. We’re currently developing new communities along the Wasatch Front, and have constructed the EDGEhomes Design Studio in Draper, Utah. This Design Studio is a completely unique part of the EDGEhomes home-buying experience that will give our homeowners an easy, hands-on design experience. We recently sat down with our VP of Design, Heather Miller, to discuss the new interactive center and what it means for our homebuyers.”

How do you help home buyers through their exciting journey?

“I do all the behind the scenes work at EDGEhomes. I ensure that our homeowners have the greatest selection of quality products to choose from in our Design Center when designing their newly purchased home.”

What is the EDGEhomes Design Studio?

“The new Design Studio in Draper has been many years in the making. We are moving to a huge space where our homebuyers can meet with designers and go through the entire process. Our new space in our Draper office is about five times larger than our previous location in Orem. It’s more interactive than ever before and gives buyers a great idea of what their home will look like in the end.”

What happens inside the Design Studio?

“Really the Design Studio is where the magic happens. It’s where the homebuyer is able to come in and show us exactly what they want in their home and how they want their home to look at the tiniest detail.”

“As a homeowner, you will meet with a member of the EDGEhomes design team. It is important to know that each EDGEhomes Design Studio employee has a degree in interior design. They all have meaningful, real-life work experience and they bring that knowledge to the table when meeting with home buyers.”

What does EDGEhomes offer in the Design Studio that’s unique for homeowners?

“We’ve always offered thousands of design options for our home buyers. But what makes the EDGEhomes Design Studio so great is that all those options are right in front of you giving you a better look and feel of what your home will look like.”

“Our interior designers are another part of the EDGE process that sets us apart. At the Design Studio, the designer meets with the homeowner to walk them through the entire design process. They’ll then work together to create a personalized design that fits their family and lifestyle. We want to build a home that is beautiful and functional”

How are homebuyers able to personalize their homes in the Design Studio?

“At the Design Studio, our homebuyers go through every inch of their home’s design. Working from room to room, the homeowner can make sure that their new home is exactly what they want it to be.”

“Typically, homebuyers are really excited to design their kitchen first and then the master bathroom.”

How involved are the EDGEhomes designers and the homeowners in the design process?

New Home Builder in Utah | EDGEhomes“Once a buyer goes under contract, The EDGEhomes Design Studio will reach out to the homebuyer for a preview tour. This gives the home buyer a preview of what they have to offer. The buyers will then come in for a design appointment with one of our interior designers that have the experience and knowledge to help them create meaningful designs for their home. Then, working together, they design each room. From the flooring to the door handles, everything is thought out together.”

What makes the Design Studio such a unique part of the home designing process?

“EDGEhomes does things differently than your average homebuilder. From a huge online gallery that gives owners design inspiration to customizable design, EDGEhomes makes the home designing process 100% about the homeowner. What makes the Design Studio so unique is the hands-on interaction. After signing with EDGEhomes, buyers are lined up with their personal designer to use the Design Studio for a complete walk-through of their home’s design. With the opening of our gigantic new space, we can continue to delight home buyers and enrich their home building experience with EDGEhomes.”

For more information about EDGEhomes’ new Design Studio, Schedule A Visit in a model home today.

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