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Interior Decorating for Summer with Janna

Decorating Trends for Summer

Welcome the summer season with the EDGEhome interior design team. We recently sat down with our model home interior designer Janna Chappell as she gave us tips on decorating for the warmer weather this summer.

As temperatures rise, update your home with new textures, fabrics, prints, and more. Here are Janna’s top tips for summer decorating.


Lighten Up with Natural & Organic Fabrics

The summer months are all about lighter fabrics. Store your heavier items like knit throws for the cooler seasons and replace them with linens. This summer is all about natural and organic textiles. From macramé wall hangings to artisan textures, this year’s decorating trends are leaning towards the bohemian side.

Add Richness with Darker Wood

Another design element that’s being updated this summer is darkening wood tones. Get rid of driftwood and replace your wood furniture with darker pieces. According to Janna, using darker wood furniture is almost a nod to mid-century design. So, whether you replace your media console or use dark wood flooring, this summer is all about richening up your base pieces with darker wood elements.


Bring the Outdoors Inside with Greenery

Every room needs some sort of greenery during the spring and summer months. Whether it’s hanging planters or faux greenery, it’ll breathe life back into your home. It also doesn’t need to be a live plant. Botanical prints also help bring the outdoors into your space. Remember that green is the newest neutral color, so don’t be afraid to use it.


Liven the Space with Global Influences

Worldly influences are all the rage in the interior decorating world right now. Terracotta planters and vases add an extra oomph to any space, while mud cloth prints bring the earthiness to a simple space. Homeowners can also use woven baskets in their space as storage or for housing their plants.


Make a Statement with Rugs

Another way of adding global influences is by using vintage rugs inside your home. This decorating trend has been on the scene for a while now but has been updated with more faded prints that give your room a lived-in feel. Whether it’s a timeless Turkish design or an overdyed pattern, statement rugs are a fun way of adding globally-inspired items into your home’s design.


Update White Cabinetry

Summer doesn’t mean storing all your home’s design, instead update your space with new takes on old favorites. Homeowners can even update their white cabinetry with two-tone cabinetry. This here-to-stay trend mixes white cabinetry with a bold color on the outside cabinetry. We are even seeing homeowners mix blues and greens into their kitchen’s color scheme on the island or base cabinets.


Warm Up Your Space with Gray Tones

It might seem contradictory, but gray is going warmer. For a while now, gray has been a hot-ticket item for many homeowners. However, we are seeing a lot of homeowners lean towards warmer color schemes by using warmer gray tones that range from warmer whites, taupes, caramels, and warm grays. These tones are typically a gray color with a warm finish.


Mix Up Metals

Another update we are seeing in interior decorating is mixing up your metals. A personal favorite of Janna’s, mixing metals allows your design to take on a whole new level of style. But as you mix up your furniture and accent piece’s metal work make sure that everything is cohesive. If you mix a variety of textures, patterns, and metals it can all feel a little disorganized. Make sure your entire design works together to accomplish your home’s overall design.


Finish It Off

Complete your home with updated finishes. In the past, most homeowners used brass finishes. Now, many homeowners are using matte black and chrome finishes instead. This summer replace all your outdated fixtures with matte black and chrome fixtures. This includes things like faucets, switch plates, and light fixtures. It’s a small change that’ll have big results.

Whether you want more tips on updating your home’s design for summer or want to discuss buying a new home, the team at EDGEhomes is here to help. Our interior designers and EDGEhomes agents work with you to find the perfect design that fits your personal style. Make your house your home with EDGE. Call us today.