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Design Tips: Spice Your Home Up For The Holiday Season

Here at EDGE, we love the holidays. Getting together with family, Christmas parties, and eating lots of treats are a few of our favorite things. But the best part, in our opinion, is decorating for the holidays! We gathered our design team together to talk about some of their top suggestions to make your home a winter wonderland. So, grab a cup of cocoa, nestle in by the fire, and learn a few ways to bring some more Christmas spirit into your home this year.


  1. Go Green

Something that all our designers agreed on is using greenery in your home. Even better if it’s fresh! Wreaths on your door, garland around the house, and even magnolia leaves are great ways to incorporate greenery into your holiday décor. Sadie Jenson, one of our interior designers, loves what garland can do.

“Spending a little extra on garland that looks real is totally worth it! Especially in areas of focus like a mantel, it lays so effortlessly and looks amazing combined with some simple candles, décor, and stockings,” said Sadie.


  1. Color Pops

EDGEhomes Christmas Design Tips

Color is key in decorating your home for the holidays. While color can pop, it’s important to keep the colors neutral to avoid clashing with preexisting colors and designs. The most commonly suggested colors by our designers were gold, silver, white, and cream. Another one of our designers, Kaylie Rushton, suggests keeping colors neutral so that you can use your decorations during other holidays and special occasions!

“When looking for décor, find ones that are neutral in color like white, gold/silver and gray/cream. This is to avoid clashing colors with your everyday décor and needing to buy all new things just for the holidays,” explained Jessica.


  1. Don’t Overlook the Details

EDGEhomes Christmas Design Tips

When we think of holiday decorations, we often think of the big items first. Christmas trees and lights are a few of the big items we often stress over. However, our design team knows how important the little details are. Look for small things you can add to your home such as changing up the pillows, adding bows or ribbon, or even pulling out the family décor that has sentimental value! Jenny Read loves focusing on the smaller spaces in her home.

Jenny suggests, “Decorate even the nooks and crannies! Don’t forget about all the little areas of your home that sometimes get forgotten. The main areas are where the decorating focus should be but don’t neglect the little spaces. Those areas will help make the spirit of the holiday’s more pronounced in your home.”

Kaylie notes the importance of focusing on the details both in and out of your home. “Decorating your front porch by adding a fun Fall or Christmas wreath to your front door always add character to your home. Layering your rugs outside and adding pumpkins or small Christmas trees can help everyone get the feel of your home and they began to walk inside.”


  1. Lighting is Key

EDGEhomes Christmas Design Tips

While the Christmas lights on the outside of your home are the first thing visitors see, and are certainly important, the inside of your home can’t be overlooked. Adding candles to your décor is a great festive way to bring attention to your beautiful designs. Do you already have candles in your home? Consider simply swapping them out for a lovely scented candle or a festive red one! Sadie loves this easy way to use existing décor.

“Use the décor you use every day with a twist to make them holiday themed. For example, candlesticks. Tie a cute festive bow with your favorite holiday colors around the candlesticks. Also, consider changing out the candles to a different color. Easy to change and you can use the candlesticks all year,” said Katie.

Heather loves the feeling of adding more lights to her designs. “I love adding warm white lights to my magnolia leaf garlands. Not only do I love the look and texture of magnolia leaves, but adding white lights to the mix adds that little extra touch of warmth I love to surround myself with during the holidays.”


We hope our design team has provided you with a few quick tips to get you ready for the season! If you need any additional help or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our design team!