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Jun 02

Gatehouse no1 – Parade of Homes Designer 2014

Are you excited for the Parade of Homes?  Looking to freshen up your home with NEW ideas?
The following 3 tips are a must for every home!
Guest Blogger: Stephanie Holdaway  – Owner
Gatehouse no1

An ottoman in any room can bring additional softness and texture, as well as adding additional seating. Ottomans can also make a more formal space feel cozy, warm, and relaxed.
Join us for the Utah Valley Patade of Homes and see first hand how great an ottoman can look in any room.

gate house 1

A classic design favorite is a great pair of chairs. Add a bit contrast with pillows.

gate house 2

Monochromatic solids are always a home run in creating a classically furnished room. contrast layers of light and dark, as well as a variety of textures to create interest.
We also love adding quirky accessories like this white dog sculpture, and art to give extra personality to any space.
This photo also shows the impact that grouping accessories or collections can have in giving finishing touches that give a room soul.

gate house 3

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