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Sep 23

Emerging Design Trends

Using Color and Patterns in New Wayslogo_logo

Whether you’re looking to refresh the design of your current home or choose design elements for a new home, deciding how you will use color and patterns should be a key part of your plan.

Marc Thee of Marc-Michaels Interior Design, who recently spoke at the 2015 International Builders’ Show, shared several design trends that are capturing the attention of new home buyers — including the use of color and patterns. According to Thee, homes that bear the qualities of a trend often see their value stand the test of time.

Check out these four color and patterns trends and get inspired to add some design — and value — to your home.

Color on the Ceiling
Resort Color Palette, Warm Neutrals
Highly Graphic Patterns, High or Low Contrast
Lack of Pattern
Kitchen 1-2

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