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Mar 09

EDGEhomes Stands Out – here’s why

EDGEhomes Stands Out – here’s why

By: Jack Andrews

We’ve all seen it, that neighborhood community where every house looks the same. My Dad joked that he’d have to try his key in every door because every house looked identical.

Seem familiar? A square box, a couple of small windows, brown or tan stucco, a little bit of stacked stone or brick on the front of the garage, and a timber beam on the porch. And the house next door looks the exact same, except maybe the front door is on the right side instead of the left.

I once bought in a community like that. Then I drove through an EDGEhomes community. It was different! There was a nice variety of different home designs, colors, and looks. I had an “aha moment” the next time I saw the EDGEhomes billboard sign: “That’s why there’s one orange house standing out from the other cookie-cutter white ones.”

EDGEhomes stand out to me.

Here’s a few reasons why:

1) Lots and lots…and lots…of windows! Personally, I love light. I tell people I’m solar-powered. When I walk in an EDGEhome and see the two-story great room or the cathedral ceiling with tons of natural light pouring in through big windows, I feel right at home.

2) Curb appeal. The designs on EDGEhomes are fun. I’ll drive through an EDGE community and find myself saying, “Oh, that’s a cool look!” Then, I get two houses further down and think “There’s another one.” A couple more houses and I think, “Man, I want to copy that design.” Different colors, different rooflines, different materials, different home designs, it’s refreshing. I like to see the variety and what people do to make an EDGEhome uniquely theirs.

broadmoor park commuinty - 7

3) Floorplans. I like the laundry room upstairs. I also like a huge master suite. A big pantry is a must. So is a loft. And I just don’t want my dining room table in-between my kitchen and living room. For other folks, maybe they want everything on the main floor, and a huge mudroom with lockers is most important to them. As I’ve worked with buyers it’s so cool to see how they configure EDGEhomes floorplans to their specific needs.

NATASHA(2)- Laundry Room


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