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Nov 05

EDGEhomes Reclamation Project

Earlier this year EDGEhomes started an exciting reclamation project in Draper, Utah. In what used to be a concrete dumping grounds will no longer be an eyesore. In our latest video, VP of Marketing, Curtis Leavitt, shares details about the reclamation project and what is currently underway. Check it out!

By recycling the concrete in the area, we will be able to reclaim the area and bring back fertile topsoil. Expect for this area to become the beautiful space it once was along with construction of a gorgeous gateway into Draper. As part of the project, we’ll use recycled concrete as road base at our Hidden Canyon Estates development in one of the most coveted areas in Draper.

Our Hidden Canyon Estates Community is part of one of the most unique pieces of land in Salt Lake Valley. Hidden Canyon Estates sits on the Eastside bench of Draper and is surrounded by over 7,000 acres of open space. This popular community sits on land owned by Draper City which is under conservation easement. This means that under the law the area can never be developed.

With radiant views of the entire valley including Mount Timpanogos, Utah Lake, and the Salt Lake Valley, building in this community is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now with recycled concrete as a road base, it also has a unique environmentally-friendly feature that EDGEhomes and EDGEhomeowners can be proud to use.

Along with environmentally-conscious elements, it should be no surprise that this community is every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Hidden Canyon Estates is situated right where three mountain bike trails converge. You’ll never have to pack up the bikes and kids in the car to get to the trailhead—you live at the trailhead!

You’ll also have surrounding, above-ground views of both the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys from the top of the mountain. This means you’ll live above the inversion, breathing in all that clean air! These views and all the open space will also make you feel secluded and off-the-beaten-path, but, in reality, you’re only 8 minutes from I-15, 10 minutes from shopping, and only 15 minutes from Thanksgiving Point.

Learn more about Hidden Canyon Estates on our YouTube channel.

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