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Mar 31

EDGEhomes Communities Stand Out

Little details. Big difference.

By: Jack Andrews

What’s one of the most well-known, well-worn phrases in real estate?

“Location, location, location.

It’s a true statement! That million-dollar home with a “breathtaking view” of a junkyard is a tough sell. The agent trying to sell a house that just got reduced $20,000 because it sits right underneath humming power lines is still going to get some tough questions.

Where you live matters. But it isn’t just the physical location—it’s the community. And community details matter, too.

When designing a community and reviewing considerations ranging from location to accessibility, traffic, views, colors and varied home designs, parks, pools, and pavilions—EDGEhomes pays close attention to details; details you might not have considered.

Here’s an example:

Should it matter to a homebuyer which side of their home the garage is on? Good question!

Let’s say you’re standing in the street, looking at your lot that slopes downhill from left to right. Which side does the garage go on? You’re probably thinking, “Either side. Makes no difference.” But it does make a difference.

Here’s the answer: in this example, the garage goes on the left or high side. But why? Why does it matter? Couldn’t we just build the home with the garage on the right? Sure. But we don’t.

Here’s why: if the garage was built on the right—or in this case, the low side of the lot—you would discover once you moved in that you have a very long flight of stairs from the floor of your garage to your home’s door just to get to the door into your house. If you were a buyer who wanted a rambler precisely because you struggle with stairs and wanted everything on one level, you’d have a very big problem.

This is just one of many examples.

When it comes to location or community, it seems every home will have some challenges. A minor issue for one buyer might be a deal-breaker for another. Which way the home faces, the amount of traffic running alongside a corner lot, the slope or grade of the lot, the views, which side the garage is on, and more. The little details can make a big difference.

Let us show you the EDGE difference with the attention we pay to details. With many new communities opening in the coming months, it’s Perfect Timing to come and see us. Drop by www.EDGEhomes.com. Come out and see our communities. Walk through one of our 10 model homes. Ask us about the little details that make EDGE homes—and EDGE communities—stand out!

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