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Sep 23

Earth Day 2013

10 ways to START today!


1.  switch to energy efficient light bulbs

2.  recycle cans and bottles.

3.  go paperless online.

4.  unplug all electronics while not in use.

5.  create a convenient recycle system.

6.  reuse batteries.

7.  wash in cold water.

8.  turn off your computer every night.

9.  donate to and support thrift stores.

10.  repurpose something – it’s FUN.


* DISCLAIMER: The figures shown represent monthly principal & interest payments only. Monthly taxes, home owners insurance, and Mortgage Insurance are not included in this amount. These figures are based on a Conventional mortgage loan with a 5% down payment and are based on a 700 credit score. These are estimates only and not guaranteed payment amounts.

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