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Utah New Home Design Brochure

It’s your home, shouldn’t you make it your own? We sure think so! That’s why we offer a variety of style and design options to guide our homeowners through the process of creating their dream homes. From backsplash tiles to deck design, each of our clients receives options for every detail of their home. This is because we want each home we build to be one that the client absolutely loves!
Ready to check out your options for your new home in Utah? New home options are available here! Go ahead and jump to the brochure for pictures and examples, or keep reading for a summary of your options.

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Exterior options

This includes a variety of options for stucco, stones, porch features, drains, shingles, and more. Our design specialists will work with you to assist you in the process of selecting the perfect exterior options to create the curb appeal of your choice.


You will have the option to install a fireplace in your home. This will come with options for stones, placement, mantel size, etc.

Interior Doors

Each door in your home will be selected by you. We’ll provide options for the door design you would like featured throughout the inside of your home.


Speaking of doors, each door handle will be selected by you as well. This will include handles for inside your home as well as the outside doors.


Your cabinets set the stage for the design aesthetic in your home. Whether you’re going for a modern appeal or classic charm in your décor, we provide a cabinet option to help you achieve it in your kitchen.


Your countertops are also an important factor in achieving your design goals within your kitchen. We offer a variety of high definition laminate colors.

Exterior lighting

Your exterior lighting will come as a standard package. It will include each type of light the exterior of your home needs to remain well-lit at night.

Interior lighting

You can choose to stick with the standard interior lighting package, or opt for extra fixtures. This will depend on your needs and design interests. The standard package will include a variety of fixtures for each room in your home. Additional features include chandeliers and wall lights.

Plumbing fixtures

You can choose to stick with the standard plumbing features, or select additional options for your home’s plumbing. Some additional options include upgraded kitchen faucets, rain shower heads, and brushed bathroom plumbing. You can also choose from a variety of sink and toilet designs for upgrading.

Water softener

You’ll have the option to install a water softener in your new home. You can choose to have a rough system done, or install your entire water softening system.


Your kitchen appliances will also aid in setting the décor of your home. We offer several options for this. You can choose the color/material as well as whether or not you would like a gas or electric stove. You can also add the built-in appliance package to accommodate your needs and interests.

Light switches

You can choose to keep the standard toggle switch, or upgrade to the Decora switch for the light switches used throughout your home.

Carpet and tile

You will have a variety of options for the carpet and tile in your home. You can begin by selecting from our plush carpet swatches, then move onto your tile flooring options. From here, you can choose the backsplash tiling for kitchen.


You can choose the stain for your wood railing to ensure that the design matches your goal aesthetic.


Your deck will allow you to enjoy the backyard of your new home. We offer several options to help you make this a peaceful place all your own.


The shelving in your closet is arguably one of the most important elements if you’ll be bringing a full wardrobe with you to your new home. We offer several shelving options to help you create the perfect closet for your needs.

Kitchen design

You can choose the materials and shape of your kitchen islands to fit your goal aesthetic. These designs combined with the other elements you’ve chosen will help you create the perfect kitchen.

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