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Oct 28

Decorating for Halloween

Guest Bloggers:  imageGatehouse No 1 and Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane.

Decorating for the holidays, (or decorating at all) can be a little overwhelming. Especially when the holiday sneaks up on you, like Halloween! It’s hard to know where to get started when you need a quick fix. We suggest taking inventory of what you already have. Items from your everyday decor, or items you’ll likely have around the house like mason jars, plates, and platters, are the perfect base to build upon.

gatehouse 2

We teamed up with Life and Style blogger, Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane, to decorate for Halloween. Our goal was to create small seasonal vinettes throughout her home that could easily transition into the next holiday.

gatehouse 3

 Incorporating seasonal items with your everyday decor helps your home feel more versatile and frees up time so you can focus on fun family traditions, like decorating cookies!

gatehouse 1

The key to making this look complete is starting with a base of everyday items like candlesticks and platters. A masquerade mask, an owl, a spooky tree, netting, and some festive cookie jars are the only Halloween themed items in this table-scape yet if feels full of Halloween spirit! We think this look can easily carry into the next season. For example, switch out the netting with sprays of fall leaves, the jars with ears of corn, and add a few gourds and you’ll have a look ready for Thanksgiving! And how about Christmas? Pop in any leftover ornaments, some festive sprays, and a little powdered snow and you are good to go!

Gatehouse has everything you need from basic decor to seasonal items.

Also, make sure to check out Emily’s post about fun Holiday Traditions on her blog, Ivory Lane

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