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Oct 01

Decorate Your New Home for Halloween

Fall is one of the most popular seasons of the year. Or it’s at least in everyone’s top four, anyway. It conjures up visions of pumpkins and beautiful leaves, and smells of spiced candles and chilly breezes. A staple of the fall season is Halloween. If you’re experiencing this holiday for the first time in your new home, you’re lucky! Here is the definitive guide for how to decorate a new home for Halloween.



Purpose is the most important advice you should keep in mind when deciding how to decorate your new house. Are you differentiating between fall and Halloween decorations? While they can be mostly interchanged, its best to decide from the get go which direction you want to head. Having a clear purpose will be key when you see a cute DIY project on Pinterest, or come across the perfect decoration at a holiday store. Stay within your pre-determined confines so everything will feel put together.



All four seasons are distinct in the weather they bring, the fashions they encourage, and the emotions they bring out in people. It’s a combination of these things that make us fall in love with fall, and is the ideas we should consider when picking out decorations. Since fall and Halloween are so intertwined in terms of decorations, it is very important to consider the theme of the decorations you use in your new home. Themes can range from decorating with fall decor items like pumpkins, foliage, and fall colors. You can also choose to decorate for Halloween for most of fall. Use your favorite Halloween items like ghosts, vampires, witches, skeletons, etc. Halloween is that one holiday where you can be sort of eclectic. It’s totally fine to have caldrons instead of normal bowls for the entire month of October! Heather Mann of DollarStoreCrafts.com advises new home builders “Don’t be afraid to start small. Spend a little this year to decorate one part of your home, such as your front door or your living room mantle. When the holiday is done, store the decorations away for next year and add new decor every year.” Remember, you will be living in your new home for a while. It’s totally ok to start small with a few basics and slowly continue to add decorations to your theme over the years. But just remember, pick a good theme for fall and stick with it!



In terms of style, you may not realize it, but you have one already. When you are decorating for Halloween you can choose what style your decorations will give to your new home. Are you going to do a more rustic Halloween represented by hay bales, pumpkins, and a scarecrow? Are you going with a classy black and white DIY Halloween with painted pumpkins and personalized chalk board displays detailing the punishments for taking two pieces of candy? Or are you THAT family that goes 110% all out for the season and holiday by literally turning your new home into a house of terror? Anyway you decide to go, start the decorating process of your new home with a style in mind. Heather also suggested starting your search at a local dollar store. “Dollar stores such as Dollar Tree have a lot of great-looking Halloween decorations for a dollar, many of which you would find in a Halloween Store for a lot more money. Good finds include faux crows, sparkly skulls, and creepy window clings.” In terms of visual appearance, Heather says to “buy 3-5 of each item and group them together. Five sparkly pumpkins have a lot more impact than just one.” Dollar stores will usually have all the basics you need to create the foundation of the style you’re going for. Overall, you will find the process of shopping/DIY-ing much easier with a goal in mind.

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