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Feb 11

BYU Cougar House 2015

Local Community Members Build Cougar House IX to Raise Scholarship Funds for BYU Athletes

(Orem, Utah) Feb. 10, 2015 – The Ponds at Sleepy Ridge will soon be getting a new addition to the community. The Utah Valley Home Builders Association, EDGEhomes and BYU Athletics have joined forces to begin a new project: Cougar House IX. This will be the ninth home built by the project, of which EDGEhomes is the largest contributor.

The previous eight homes built by the Cougar House project have raised more than $1 million in scholarship money for BYU athletes. The first house was completed in July of 2001, while the most recent project, Cougar House VIII, was completed in 2008.

EDGEhomes is the lot donor for the project, and will also be selling, marketing and staging the home. All fees included will be donated by EDGEhomes to make the project a success.

“The Cougar House was put on hold for several years so when EDGEhomes decided to be the lot donor, the project was brought back to life,” said Mark Lords, EDGEhomes Managing Partner CFO. “It’s great to see this tradition continue on. It’s a great opportunity for us to work hand-in-hand with BYU and Utah Valley Home Builders Association.”

Construction for the new project began on Friday, Jan. 31, where many came to see the groundbreaking of the new project. Even BYU’s Cosmo the Cougar made an appearance.

Local volunteer construction workers will help to build the home, which will be featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, a self-guided tour of Utah’s new and high-end homes throughout the valley. It will take place in June of this year.

The money raised by EDGEhomes from selling the house will go toward scholarships for BYU athletes who are majoring in Construction Management. With homes in the area starting in the low 200’s price range, the athletes could see a significant change in their scholarship fund.

“The Cougar House is a unique approach to not just fundraising but fun raising for the community,” said Kellie Little, EDGEhomes Director of Marketing. “There are so many cougar fans out there and this house creates an opportunity for them to get involved with a great cause. The Cougar house will be in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes in June featuring a decked-out BYU Cougar Room with an autograph or two.”

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