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Sep 21

Best Ways to Keep Bugs Out of the House

Summer is the season for the outdoors; that means night swimming, barbeques, games, fireworks, and general fun in the sun. There’s only one downside to the warmer weather, and you know it once you get your first bite of the season – bugs!

Bugs love the warmer weather, and they come out to play when temperatures rise. Bugs can be quite the nuisance whether they’re marching into your house, swarming around your lights, or crawling anywhere they don’t belong, so it’s important to know how to keep them out of your space. Wondering how to keep bugs out of the house? You don’t always have to call a pest specialist—there are lots of ways to keep bugs at bay, and not all of them are DIY pest control projects.

4 Simple Hacks To Keep Bugs Out of the House

1. Caulk Up the Cracks & Crevices

A clean, modern bathroom with a striped hand towel and tray carrying a plant and decorative bowl in between two sinks on the countertop

The gaps between your windows, doors, screens, vents, walls, etc. are just asking for multi-legged friends to come crawling into your home. If you haven’t taken a look at all those little spaces in a while, you might look into adding new weather stripping. Doing so will not only keep the insects out, but it will also prevent your AC (or heat in the winter) from escaping, and vice versa as it guards outdoor air from seeping in.

2. Keep Food Areas Mess-Free

Close-up of a corner in a modern, sleek kitchen with a utensil holder next to oil and spices beside the stovetop

The unfortunate truth is that if you leave food out and about (no matter if it’s food storage, leftovers, or prepackaged goods), it’s like a midnight snack for different critters. Naturally, different bugs prefer different munchies, and that includes things you might not consider like flour, boxed mixes, spices, crackers, dried goods, cereals, fruits, rice, and nuts. Don’t forget your pet food either, as it’s all the same to the many bugs.

Always remember that lots of foods can be frozen, even things you might not think of, such as flour. It’s safe to say that you should keep food tightly sealed, closed, and contained.

3. Keep Moisture at Bay

A bird's eye view of a bohemian-style living room with a great patterned rug, furniture, and a TV in a beautiful, modern home

Just like us, bugs need water to survive. They tend to chill in dark, damp places – think leaky drains, pipes, spills, cracks, crevices, etc. Appliances like the washing machine, dishwashers, dryer, and AC units are hot spots for bugs. Anything that water can or might touch is a place that certain bugs might be drawn to.

More specifically, house centipedes, springtails, and silverfish are especially attracted to this type of environment. Repairing leaks and performing regular cleaning and maintenance checks on these areas will help keep bugs at bay, and as an added bonus will keep your house in tip-top shape.

4. General Cleanliness

If you’re prone to letting chores like dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping go weeks without being done, chances are you’ll see more pests than you would otherwise. Additionally, having lots of places for bugs to nestle, such as a pile of clothes or toys, or boxes of items, can yield more insects. Try to keep these types of items stored away and in their proper place to avoid accidentally creating a home for bugs.

Ideas for Driving Away Pests from Your Property

Exterior view of an EDGEhomes model home

We’ve focused on interiors thus far, but we can’t exclude home exteriors from pest control and management.

Look to the immediate exteriors first, like garages, planters, trash areas, and so on. Anything that connects the outside to the inside, such as windows, vents, chimneys, pipes, roof shingles, as well as attics or basements shouldn’t be overlooked. Another important factor to consider is what is coming from the outside into your house that could be a transporter for bugs – such as pets or firewood. Those things can be one-way tickets for bugs that you might not even think about.

Look out for standing water anywhere in your yard as well, because that can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and water bugs. Routinely check play areas, fire pits, birdbaths, and treehouses. Weeds and certain plants can also be homes for different pests, so do your due diligence when selecting plants for your garden.

It’s important to note that bugs generally don’t arrive out of thin air. There are typically different warning signs and specific problem areas that fester and grow over time, or something that attracts them (like light, water, or mess). Your best weapon is awareness, because if you know something is happening, you can put a swift stop to it.

Try a DIY Pest Control Project or Two to Repel Insects Long-Term

If you think your only options are chemically-rich bug repellents and killers, think again. There are different non-toxic options available that you’re likely to have on hand; for example, vinegar. Ants hate vinegar. If you use a solution of vinegar and water, it will not only kill the infestation, but repel ants in the future.

You can also clean your cupboards, floors, and counters with vinegar to prevent an ant problem. If you hate the smell of vinegar, the link above details a number of ways that you can counteract ant trails, including common spices, dish detergent, hand soap, essential oils, and more.

Another trick is to line plants with biodegradable citrus rinds or leave cucumber peels in high ant-traffic areas. Worried about more than ants? There are tons of DIY pest control recipes for termite and cockroach killers, in which an attractor of the pest is combined with something that eradicates them, like Borax.

Perhaps the most important thing is to know when enough is enough and that it’s time to call in the pest professionals. Not everything can be done by yourself, and that’s totally okay. So, if your pest problem continues to be just that, wave the white flag early and call in the exterminators.

EDGEhomes Knows How to Keep Bugs Out of the House

Inside look of a modern home with a couch and decorative throw pillows with the kitchen in the background

Since we’re Utah’s preferred home building company, we’ve been around the block a few times in different areas across the Wasatch Front. That means we’ve come in contact with different bugs, tried our hand at different remedies, and learned a thing or two. Rest assured that when you buy or build an EDGEhome it has been built with the highest quality, which, combined with routine maintenance, can help keep your home pest free. If you’re ready to try something new, give us a call and we’ll find a great fit for you at any of our EDGEhomes communities.