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Sep 20

Behind EDGEhomes Marketing

Hi my name is Dylan Bitton and I work in Marketing here at EDGEhomes. We have an in-house marketing team made up of 4 people.

We cover anything from graphic design, videography, photography, billboards you name it, anything that has to do with Marketing we do here in-house.

I’m Megan and I love being a part of the EDGEhomes Marketing Team.

If you haven’t been to our website you have to go check it out.
We have so many awesome features. And we add new ones all the time. Some of my favorite features are the Interactive Site Maps and Interactive Floorplans.
Everything we do in Marketing is to bring NEW and Innovative tools to help home buyers See Clearly during the entire build process, so come See Clearly with EDGEhomes.

* DISCLAIMER: The figures shown represent monthly principal & interest payments only. Monthly taxes, home owners insurance, and Mortgage Insurance are not included in this amount. These figures are based on a Conventional mortgage loan with a 5% down payment and are based on a 700 credit score. These are estimates only and not guaranteed payment amounts.

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