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Oct 15

Autumn is Here!

9 Perfect Tasks for Crisp Weather

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1. Maintain Your Locks
If you can spare five minutes, you can maintain your exterior locks! All you need is some lock lubricant and a cloth. And trust us, cleaning these puppies during the dead of winter is not fun.
2. Inspect Your Windows
Leaky windows can cost you big bucks once the heat is cranked on, so find out where air is escaping now. This will help save you as much as 30 percent on your heating bills when winter hits.
3. Maintain Your Exterior Doors
When Mother Nature unleashes her winter wrath, your doors get the brunt of the wind, rain and snow. Check to make sure your hardware, weather stripping and finish are up to the challenge. If you do need to make repairs, it’ll be a lot easier now rather than later.
4. Inspect Your Insulation
Winter is coming! Make sure your house is ready by checking out your insulation. By plugging any holes you find, you can save more than 20 percent on your utilities.
5. Maintain Your Walkway
You may not know this, but mold is a common problem with walkways due to shade and moisture. Killing mold in the cold of winter is a hassle, but in nice weather it’s a breeze!
6. Inspect Your Attic
When temperatures drop, humans aren’t the only animals that love the coziness of a warm house. Rodents dig it, too. Take a stroll through your attic now and close up any possible entryways to keep rodents out!
7. Remove Oil Stains.
If your driveway is dotted with oil stains, it’s easiest to clean them up now, before you have to work around leaf piles and snow drifts.
8. Inspect Your Foundation
Take a lap around your house and look down at your home’s foundation. Catching issues like water damage and severe cracking now can save you some serious dough down the road.
9. Clean Your Patio
If you haven’t done the broom dance on your patio or porch since spring, now is a great time to check it off the list.

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