In the other parts of our home design series, we covered how to decorate the most on-display rooms of the house, like the living room and the kitchen and dining area. Now we’ll cover one of the more intimate parts of the house  – the master bedroom.

Break the Rules

The master bedroom is most likely the one room in your house that’s exclusively yours. It’s the place to rest your head at the end of the day. It might be the room away from your kids. If you have roommates it’s almost certainly your personal haven where you can get some alone time. So what does that mean, decor-wise?

furnished master bedroom with wood bedframe, furnishings, and a leather chair in the corner

You may be inclined to decorate your master bedroom with a slightly different style than some of the formerly mentioned spaces in the house. This can be fun as you embrace the freedom of breaking out of any “design rules” you may have followed in the main part of your home. Perhaps if you have a preference for a certain color, you go bolder with that color in the master bedroom. Or maybe you embrace a more whimsical or eclectic style or break out a personal collection you want to put on display. Giving the room a personal touch will make you feel even more at home.  

Coziness Over Everything

“Giving the room a personal touch will make you feel even more at home.”


Maybe you go for a cozier vibe, implementing fluffy pillows and throw blankets with all the soft things you can find. Many people prefer a cozy feel for their master bedroom, and there are many ways to achieve that. 

vacuumed master bedroom with white bed, end tables, curtains, and more

Neutral colors are a good start, as they are both calming as well as easy to match decor with. Think beige, grey, and even muted or earth tones. Another key to coziness is lighting. Harsh, overhead lighting might be the last thing you want when you flip on the switch at the end of a long day. Try instead to incorporate lamps, twinkle lights, and even candles so that you can wind down with ambient lighting. 

As far as accessorizing the room, adding in elements that are soothing will be the perfect finishing touch. This might be art, real or fake plants, or a personal little trinket that makes you smile. You might also add in extra seating like a bench or settee, for extra comfiness!


Above all else, it might be helpful to simplify things in your master bedroom, no matter what design style you’ve gone with. Going too crazy with a theme, style, or even too many trinkets or pillows can end up taking up mental space.

You can also simplify things in your room by incorporating a system that will make your life easier and keep things looking nice. For instance, having a second duvet cover on hand so you can switch it out while you wash your main one, or just simply to have something new to look at. The same goes with smaller, cheaper items, such as switching out a candle, or getting fun new pillowcases.

Get Inspired

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