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Oct 09

5 Things To Consider When Buying Your Next Home

When it comes to buying a home, what’s good for one family, doesn’t work for another.
Kellie Little Marketing VP from Edge Homes shares a few things to consider before you buy.
1. Why Consider buying a new home instead of an existing home?

There are so many benefits of buying a new home but one of the biggest is the floor plan. Even if you buy an existing home, floor plan changes costs thousands so that expense is added to the price of the home. Over the past decade the materials have also increased in efficiencies so it make sense and is practical. Check out the award winning plans at EDGE with over 45 plans and 4 elevations to choose from.

Some buyers prefer to personally select the options and colors in their new home while other buyers prefer to buy a new home that is being built. EDGEhomes offers both options. We want each home buyer to have quick move in options across the wasatch front.

2. Why choose a builder that directly communicates with you?

Communication is so critical when building a home. Some builders have a go between between the contractor who actually builds the home and the buyer. At EDGEhomes, you meet with the builder every week. No reason to be in the dark while building a new home which would be frustrating. The builders at EDGEhomes are experiences and experts in building new homes. They understand directly communicating with you for a more personalized experience.

3. You have options that affect your new home. How do you make it personalized?

Consider bumping out the great room, master bedroom or garage? EDGE is the leader of innovating options Bd designs you will love with all the latest trend. Now it is easy and makes all the difference in your new homes look and feel. Add extra windows or change the island. Modify your floor plan online. Try out the interactive floor plans on EDGEhomes.com and love designing your new home. Add furniture to see your new design come to life. This is a fun tool.

You also have your own consultant to assist you at the design center to personalize your home. Now this is the fun part.

4. When is the best time to meet with a lender to get pre-qualified? When you start the home buying process. Not only does it tell you how much to budget but the entire process is much smoother. While designing your new dream home, talk to a preferred lender of EDGEhomes. Some buyers are anxious about meeting with a lender but shouldn’t be. They walk you through the steps so it’s easy. Don’t be the buyer that’s left in the dark. With amazing rates and available loan options, start today.

5. What types of homes are available on the market?

It’s true that one shoe doesn’t fit all. We have buyers looking for homes with small lots, large lots, community features such as a pool, and the type of home including townhouse, condos or a single family home.

What’s interesting is buyers sometimes don’t realize they qualify for a new home and the benefits. For example, someone that’s renting may not understand that owning a home may be cheaper and includes incredible benefits. With the luxuries and community features in townhomes and condos, they are an awesome first time home buyers option that can turn into a long term investment property. Makes sense.

It’s an amazing time to build a new home. Check out EDGEhomes.com for more information or stop by one of our 13 model homes. You will love what you see. We help you see the home buying process more clearly!


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