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Mar 11

3 Design Styles of 2014

There will be lots of photos to cover each area.

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3 Design Styles of 2014

1.  How do you design a new home so it is the way you want it? Make it uniquely yours?
Be Unique.  Be yourself.  No two home buyers love the same thing but that is why they are building a new home.  To get what they want.
With the broad spectrum of options, colors, floor plans, and design ideas the sky is the limit.  Look at these beautiful homes.

2.  What are some of the affordable trends this year?
Popular elements add so much to your space with little or no cost.  Paint adds such a splash of color and look at the difference.  If you want to express your design and colors through furniture maybe a simple paint color is what you are looking for.  Bring in some wainscoting and the space is transformed.  Tile backsplash is so big right now.  The little bit of tile defines a space.  Use a textured tile in the entry for a wow factor.  Fun ideas but so easy to add.

3. With so many design ideas, what details define the style of a home owner?  What are some of the things a buyer can choose to define their style whether it’s modern or traditional?
Everyone knows the hearth of the home is the kitchen.  Each detail sets the stage for family gatherings or breakfast at the island.  What style fits your family?
With just a few changes, the design dramatically evolves into the perfect look and design.  Let’s start with the cabinet colors.  Whether your style is traditional or more modern there is an amazing solution awaiting you.  Stained or painted cabinets set the mood for the kitchen and great room.  Choose granite for a more tradition look or quartz for a little more contemporary look.  Hardware or knobs on the cabinets define the style one step further.  The gorgeous results wait you so have some fun.

At EDGEhomes we focus on the your style not just trends.  There are some big trends that we offer but they aren’t for everyone.  Selecting your style in your floor plan,  design elements and details will create a space you can enjoy and love to be in.  It’s home.

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