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Jan 19

2016 Home Design Trends

Each year there are new trends in the interior design and home space. Here are EDGE Homes we like to stay up-to-date with the hottest styles. Whether it’s new paint colors for the home or decorating styles, make sure to keep your house looking great. Below are some of the hottest trends:


Exterior of the home

Water conservation is becoming an issue with warmer summers. Nicole with ETWater.com says, “You should tackle the drought problem with a ‘smart sprinkler’ that takes place of a traditional control box on an automated home sprinkler system. It will dramatically reduce your water footprint and gives you an unprecedented level of control of your landscape.”


Kitchens & Smart Homes

As stainless steel becomes ubiquitous, the new black stainless steel look, like on the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator show on CES, are becoming more popular. Having a darker looking kitchens are on the rise. While white and bright kitchens with marble or quartz countertops are still dominating, darker kitchens are becoming more popular.

With wifi and bluetooth becoming more accessible the options of having a smarter home are becoming more relevant. You can tailor each room to the occupants preference, with lighting, heating and sound systems having the ability to control room by room. Many new homes are being built so that the new owners can plug in a car, install solar panels; add a smart home system to personalize to your taste. – F. Ron Smith of Partners Trust


Aluminum printing is the newest trend in photo printing and home decor. It looks extremely slick, is really durable and vibrant. The 3D depth that makes aluminum printing really unique. You can get a 30% discount on your print right now if you use code: EDGE30 on their site.

Wall Colors

Choosing vibrant colors can help keep spirits up as weather drops. Reds, oranges and golds are evocative of the falling leaves and can help bring in the spirit of fall, whether used in an accent wall, some pillows or a throw rug.

Color psychology can be a factor when painting a room. For example, soft colors are best for bedrooms while painting a child’s room a bright color can overstimulate the child, especially when it comes to bedtime. -Brian Kearney of Granite Transformations

More Hot Trends for 2016

Interior designer and artist Pablo Solomon has given the following tips:

  1. More and more couples wanting to do mid century modern will search out

the vintage furniture at resale shops, yard sales, etc. Amazingly there

are still a lot of great bargains out there. Of course the many wonderful

modern reproductions will also continue to sell well.

  1. Laminates ( often known by brand names Formica, WilsonArt, etc.) will

make a comeback. The Wilson House in Temple, Texas will become a modern

Mecca for Designers. ( It is on the national registry and is usually

referred to as “the Laminate House”.) It will be a household word within

the year.

  1. As the designer often credited for bringing back the popularity of black

and white in design, I am pleased that this year black and white photos,

tiles, accents and coverings are increasingly hot as design elements.

  1. Another design element that I have popularized is creating a blended

flow of interior and exterior elements. With the new movable glass walls (

that actually seal out the elements ) and installation of floor to ceiling

corner windows, tying interior and exterior design in a complementary way

is easier than ever. This will be especially true for bedrooms as this adds

a sense of relaxation and serenity.

  1. While I am not the biggest fan of having every gadget in your home

accessible by cell phone, it is the trend. And putting in ceiling fans and

new lighting has become easier with the various remote controls now


  1. The use of built in’s and multifunctional furniture will help to

implement the trend to maximize the use of space to reduce home size.


Faith Philips of La-Z-Boy said, “Through fashion, furniture, and design—here are some of what’s hot in 2016:

  1. Mixing and matching fabrics and patterns
  2. Bohemian Luxury
  3. Grounded Colors
  4. Standout Hems
  5. Fringe
  6. Light Layering
  7. Ruffles
  8. Florals
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