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Feb 11


By: Drew Detrick – Director of Sales

We here at EDGEhomes love orange (you may have figured that out by now).  But when comparing new construction with buying an existing home, it’s really comparing apples and oranges.  Having personally sold almost 100 homes in the last two years, there are a number of factors I’ve found that lead families to choose building their new home over settling for an existing home.

drew detrick

My wife and I are currently building our new home in Lehi. While we’re a bit partial to EDGEhomes Orange for obvious reasons, we’ve made our decision by weighing the benefits of building versus buying existing.  Here’s what we’ve found:

Capture the Equity

Interest rates are at historic lows and home prices are on the rise.  With a new home, you can lock in your pricing today so that when you move in six months from now, you’ll have captured the growing equity during the time you designed and built your home.  If you purchased a used home, the prices would be inflated because there’s a low inventory in the existing market. So, by building a new home with EDGEhomes, you’ll get more for your money.


We at EDGEhomes are held to high standards of efficiency.  Our homes include a 95% Efficient Furnace, 2×6 walls with R-21 insulation, and dual pane low e-glass windows.  You’ll see the EDGEhomes difference in your utility bills every month as you save money.

Get What You Want

You may find the perfect existing home that checks every box for your family.  But if you don’t, we can build it!  To some extent, this is true with any builder, but EDGEhomes is different.  We allow customization to our floor plans. This means that when you choose from one of our 50 floor plans, it’s just the beginning.  For example, in the home my wife and I are building, we extended the master bathroom off the side of the home to allow for a large shower and tub, partially finished the basement for a TV room, and made our third car garage deeper to allow some extra room for the toys.  All of these things make our home unique and unlike any other “cookie cutter” plan another builder would offer.


We know you won’t build an ugly home, but we won’t let your neighbors build one either!  We have the latest design trends inside and out, so when you drive through an EDGEhomes community, it feels different.  Even our standard exteriors include stone and hardi accents that you would pay for with another builder. Plus, more curb appeal means higher property values for you!  Many of our communities also offer parks and other amenities for your family to enjoy.  This emphasis on lifestyle is as important as the rest of your home buying decision.

Building is fun!

This one probably rings more true for our wives than for us men as we sit in a design appointment, but EDGEhomes truly makes the process of designing your new home interactive and fun.  You get to work with one designer throughout the whole process as they lend their expertise to making sure your home turns out just like you pictured it.

You’re the First to Enjoy It

Who likes used toilet seats or finding toenails in the carpet in your “new” home?  Just kidding.  But seriously, think about it. There’s nothing better than walking into your new home and being the first one to live there.  Your kids are the first to roll around on the carpet, throw things down the floor vents, and spill on the floors.  You can be proud of your home knowing it’s been yours from the day we broke ground.

Whatever you decide, we’re grateful that you’ve considered EDGEhomes and hope we can be a resource for you with your search!

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